Many Services, One Fee

Fee only asset management bundles together a variety of valuable investment services for one fee. These include:

  • Completing a personalized investment profile that will help you set your objectives;
  • Developing a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as a framework for investment strategy and decisions;
  • Developing an asset allocation strategy that matches your risk and return profile;
  • mplementing an investment strategy;
  • Helping you evaluate and select asset managers;
  • Rebalancing to keep your allocation in line;
  • Updating you via monthly statements and quarterly performance reports to keep you informed of results;




RFG Inc will also be available to conduct periodic strategic reviews in which we will evaluate both your allocation and managers, as well as assess your progress toward long-term goals. Our continuing service is an integral part of this fee only asset management package. 

  • In a fee only asset management account, you are not exposed to front-end brokerage charges that reduce the dollars you put into investment markets.
  • You will not be exposed to back-end exit charges that penalize you for moving your money, even if a manager is under-performing.
  • This fee is paid concurrently with the professional services rendered, much as you would pay for legal or medical professional services.
  • Fee only asset management enables financial professionals to provide services in much the same way as other professionals.
  • The fee is in proportion to the assets under management. That means it will not increase unless you make progress building assets.
  • Your objectives and ours are aligned. Our fee depends on how successful you are with your investments over time.