Asset Management

RFG, Inc. works together with you through a five-step process that has proven effective for many of our clients.



Step 1 We will review your risk profile and objectives to determine the rate of return you need and the risk you can comfortably afford.

Step 2 We agree on your asset allocation policy. This policy is committed to writing through an Investment Policy Statement that becomes a framework for long-term investing. A recommended allocation is developed to guide the selection of asset classes, according to percentage guidelines.

Step 3 We implement and monitor your portfolio to achieve diversification across asset classes and within styles. This might involve some adjustments to your holdings, which could be done on a tax-aware basis.

Step 4 Your portfolio is automatically rebalanced when needed to tactically adjust for changes created by market valuations. This prevents over-exposure in any given asset class, and maintains diversification across classes.

Step 5 This involves periodic strategic reviews of your results, compared to market benchmarks and the goals you have set. These reviews also can consider whether any changes have occurred in your profile or objectives that require a change in allocation policy.

This 5-step process is a cycle that can adjust over time to changes, without over-reacting to fads or temporary trends.