Our Corporate Mission

Reliance Financial Group, Inc. (RFG, Inc.) is a company that is committed to making positive contributions to the business and professional communities and individuals we serve. Our company looks for long term relationships where we assist company owners, executives, and employees in the pursuit of opportunities that result in financial security.
RFG, Inc. is committed to helping protect our clients from unforeseen contingencies. We assist executives, professionals, and individuals in achieving financial independence, and preserving wealth for future generations by proper estate planning.
RFG, Inc., has assembled a experienced team of professionals who are committed to understanding the needs of our clients. We then match these needs with appropriate tax saving and financial strategies while providing the necessary education. We also work with our clients' advisors as needed. Businesses and professionals need not be placed in reactive positions where alternatives are few. We strive to put our clients in situations where they are able to make proactive decisions rather than decisions by default.

Net Worth

A balance sheet summarizes your assets and liabilities and reveals your net worth.

Cost of Retirement

Use this calculator to estimate how much income and savings you may need in retirement.

Estate Taxes

Use this calculator to estimate the federal estate taxes that could be due on your estate after you die.

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TIPS for Inflation Protection

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities could help provide a hedge against future inflation.

IRS Flips on Rollover Rules

Starting in 2015, only one 60-day tax-free rollover each year will be allowed, no matter how many IRAs are owned.

Taxes Due for Better or Worse

A number of new taxes could affect couples (especially higher-income couples) and lead to surprises at tax time.

HOT TOPIC: Jobs Are Back, But Is It Too Soon to Celebrate?

Understanding the current jobs situation and how it may affect the economy in the coming months.

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